Dhiru Thadani

Speech Topics:
- The Evolving City
- The Architecture of Community
- University Villages: How to Create a Mixed-use Pedestrian-friendly Community
- Neighborhood Revitalization Best Practices in Design: Side Walks to Street Lamps
- Integrating Low-income Housing into Community
- Traditional Town Planning and Urban Design
- Indigenous Design Solutions for Developing Countries

Dhiru Thadani, AIA, is a world-renowned expert in new developments, urban retrofits, neighborhood revitalization, and infill densification. For more than 25 years, he has practiced architecture and urbanism in North and Central America, Asia and Europe.

Thadani speaks on how to create neighborhoods that are walkable and contain a diverse range and balance of workplaces and housing. Most recently, he has worked in designing mixed-use, walkable university campuses and research parks around the world—from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Austin, Texas to Guangzhou, China and Panvel, India. He has served as the lead designer in real estate developments in first and third world countries that range in scale from government-sponsored autonomous new towns for 500,000 inhabitants to smaller resort communities for 900 residents, and small-scale residential infill interventions in revitalizing neighborhoods. All his work supports regional planning for open space and architecture that is responsive to the culture, climate and context of the place.

Thadani was principal and director of urban design and town planning at Ayers/Saint/Gross from 2002 to 2009 and design partner in the Thadani Hetzel Partnership from 1987 to 2002. He has maintained a diversified practice in architecture and urban design since 1981. In addition, Mr. Thadani has taught in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at institutions that include the Catholic University of America, the University of Miami and the University of Maryland.

Thadani has won national recognition for his work in residential design, university design and community redevelopment including four “Charter Awards” from the Congress for the New Urbanism, three awards from the American Institute of Architects and a Metropolitan Home “Home of the Year.” In 2001-2002, he was selected a Knight Fellow with the Knight Program in Community Building. He also serves as a professional circle member to the National Building Museum. Since its formation in 1993, Thadani has been a charter member of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), and was appointed to the Board in 2005.

He regularly lectures at conferences around the world including the Seaside Institute, Sorbonne School of Geography and Planning (Paris), the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, the INTBAU Conference, Design Matters, the American Planning Association, the National Building Museum, the League of Cities National Conference, the Congress for the New Urbanism, and The Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture.

Thadani has edited or contributed to numerous publications including Leon Krier: The Architecture of Community (Island Press, May 2009), New Architecture and Urbanism: Development of Indian Traditions (2008), The Teaching of Architecture and Urbanism in the Age of Globalization (2006), Making Towns: Principles and Techniques (1993), Five Architects: Twenty Years Later (1992), and Building the City: Where Nature and the City Meet (1991).

Thadani was born in Bombay, India and moved to Washington, D.C. to attend the Catholic University of America from 1972-1978 where he received his undergraduate and graduate education in architecture. Travels from Washington, D.C.

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