Katherine Salant

Speech Topics:
- The Emotionally Intelligent House
- Building for Step Families
- Home Design as Marriage Savior: How to Design a House for a Neatnik and a Slob
- Sustainability of a Family—How House Design Helps or Hinders
- Does This House Make Sense for the People Who Live in It?
- Home Design
- Construction 101

Award-winning syndicated columnist Katherine Salant began writing her “Housewatch” column for the Washington Post in 1994. Today it's syndicated as “Your New Home” by Inman News Features to more than 40 online and print media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Denver Post, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel and Sacramento Bee. She speaks on issues such as building for step families, what neuroscience says about together space in a house, and how children can be involved in designing a new house.

Harvard-trained in architecture, new-house expert Salant began her career as a Fulbright scholar, studying village houses in Nepal. In her lively, accessible style, Salant helps consumers learn to make good decisions, step by step, on every aspect of house design and construction, as they build a home that makes sense for them. She always keeps in mind that home building is not only a major financial commitment but also an emotional one—and that the process can be overwhelming.

She's been a National Endowment for the Arts Professional Fellow and winner of the prestigious University of Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Award. In 2003 she won the “Best Column All Media” award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors. She is the author of The Brand-New House Book: Everything You Need to Know About Planning, Designing, and Building a Custom, Semi-Custom, or Production-Built House (Three Rivers Press, 2001) and travels from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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