Fernando Pagés

Speech Topics:
Achievable Chic: Building Market-Based, Affordable Homes
Affordable Remodel: How to Get Custom Results on Any Budget
Building the Affordable House: A High-Value, Low-Cost Approach
Practical Ecology: High-Quality, Low-Cost, Green-Built Homes
The Technicolor American Dream: Building for the Multicultural Market
Culture Shock: Managing the Multicultural Workforce
Resources for Latino Training and Development
Building Peace and Quiet: Soundproofing Strategies to a Quieter House
The Hidden Home: How to Increase Efficiency of the Materials Hidden Behind Finished Walls and Floors
FlexHousing: The Professional’s Guide to Building a Home that Adapts to Occupants’ Changing Needs
Factory Framing: Better, Faster, Builder-friendly Methods for ‘Stick-built’ Homes

Homebuilder, developer and author Fernando Pagés Ruiz speaks internationally on how to build high-quality, affordable and energy-efficient homes. A builder with 30 years of experience and an expert on how to cut costs and keep quality when building or remodeling, he is an eloquent and entertaining speaker who shows trade and consumer audiences how to build better and save time and money.

Pagés' unique approach to homebuilding comes from years of research and experience in developing better and more efficient, environmentally sound methods of construction. His company has won numerous national awards including the 2008 “Green Building Single Family House of the Year” and the 2007 “Workforce Housing Award” from the National Association of Home Builders. In 2006, the Department of Housing and Urban Development's PATH project chose him to build America's first PATH Concept Home, a home that is affordable to purchase and to maintain and while meeting the criteria of LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR, MASCO Environments for Living, and the NAHB's Green Building certifications.

Pagés speaks to the homebuilding preferences of various cultures and to how homebuilders can address changing demographics and adapt house plans to meet the needs of a new generation of homebuyers. His “Liberty Village” project in Lincoln, Neb. shows how an infill development built for the median income level can be both green and affordable. Buyers included immigrants and refugees from countries as diverse as Sudan, Iraq, Mexico and Vietnam.

He is the author of two books published by the Taunton Press: Affordable Remodel: How to get custom results on any budget (2007) and Building an Affordable House: A high-value, low-cost approach to building (2005). He is also a regular contributor to Fine Homebuilding and the Journal of Light Construction.

Pagés is the president of Brighton Construction, a builder and developer in Nebraska and Wyoming. He has been featured in national media that include The New York Times, Dwell, Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Remodeling, Builder, Developer, Hoy, Univision, National Public Radio and more. He has given keynote and guest speaker presentations at conferences that include the International Conference toward Affordable Housing (Cairo, Egypt), the Midwest Builders Show, the Remodeling Show, and the Building Science & Design Conference. Travels from Lincoln or Omaha, Nebraska.

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